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Luxury dog grooming with a small town feel

Luxury dog grooming with a small town feel

Every dog has it's *spa* day!


Every dog has it's *spa* day!


May 2020:

Thank you for your patience and support through this time 

of recuperation for small businesses.

We are currently not accepting new clients as we are focusing our efforts on servicing existing clients who were displaced during the Covid-19 shutdown.

At-home grooming maintenance


grooming at home during covid-19

Many of our clients' pets are going to be needing grooming and clipping during the COVID-19 shutdown. We wish so much that we could groom them for you!

We have compiled a list of grooming tools and products and with specifics on what tools you may need according to the breed of dog you own.


If you are considering bathing your dog at home, or using a clipper or scissors on your dog, please be extremely cautious and gentle. Sharp blades and shears can cause huge dammage! Move slowly and be aware of what exactly is going through your clipper blades or what is situated between your scissors.

If you require guidance, PLEASE don't hesitate to private message us for help through our Facebook page or Instagram @DogtownJordan. We may even be able to offer a video chat session to help guide you.



We order most of our supplies from REN'S PETS but you may also try your local Pet Valu or order from our other favourite supplier Deboer Grooming Supplies & Repair Ltd.

All of the above should offer shipping to your home or curbside pick ups.

(I have tried to keep the list cost effective as well)


• For all purpose brushing medium to long coated breeds (Shih tzus, Yorkies, Doodles, med length Shepherds, Goldens, etc) you will need a slicker brush:


👆🏻 And a metal comb to check for tangles such as this one:


• For med-long double-coated dogs (Goldens, shepherds, Huskies, etc you may also need an undercoat rake such as this one:


👆🏻We recommend a metal comb as well for checking knots and for removing undercoat from legs etc

• For short haired shedding breeds (Beagles, JRT, Labrador retrievers, etc) we recommend a rubber Currie brush similar to this one:


👆🏻 A comb would also be helpful for those with slightly thicker coats

👆🏻 You may use a furminator tool but be careful not to over use them as they do CUT the coat and will cause skin irritation

• For shampoos we recommend the following:


And/or for itchy doggies:


• For detangling we recommend:




• For keeping eye areas clean and fresh on your Shih Tzu’s, Maltese, and other weepy eyed dogs we recommend:


• For ear cleaning we recommend:


• For nail trimming:

Small breeds:


Large breeds:


Helpful tutorials

Line brushing tutorial (Especially for doodle breeds and any dog that requires haircuts):


Brushing and eye care:


Eye/nose bridge trimming:


Nail trimming:




Overview of clipping your dog at home:

(PLEASE be extremely cautious if you are attempting to clip your dog yourself!.) 

Other important tips for home clipping before you watch this video: 

* Do NOT use the #10 or #30 blade that comes with your clipper set. You must use at least a #7, #5, or #4 blade to avoid shaving your dog bald and leaving them itchy and even more uncomfortable! You will have to purchase these blades separately. 

* #10 blades can be used in the sanitary/groin areas and eye areas only! 

* Avoid trimming too close to the ear leather, if you do trim your dogs ears, please trim with your scissors moving outward toward the tip of the ear, not toward the bell of the ear as they are being trimmed in this video.

* To avoid irritation of the bum area, trim around the anus with scissors as opposed to shaving, but do not point your scissors UP, keep them at a diagonal angle in case your dog decides to sit!

* Exercise extra caution around eyes, ears, lip lines, armpits, tuck ups (where the belly meets the back legs), genitals, nipples, back leg tendons, toes and pads! We strongly advise against trimming into the pads with scissors, use your clipper if possible and avoid digging too much.

* This is a home grooming video shared from and made by a non-professional dog owner, not a professional grooming tutorial. We chose this video to keep things more simple and realistic for what you may experience at home :)

Quick overview:


Detailed version:


Any questions or concerns please MESSAGE or EMAIL us! We are here to help. 

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